Teeth Cleaning

What is Teeth Cleaning?

Teeth cleaning is also known as tartar cleaning, detertrage. It is the process of cleaning the tartar, which can be noticed on the teeth with its yellow or brownish color, which is formed by the hardening of the bacterial plaque on the teeth. Your dentist will first perform an intraoral examination and decide whether to perform standard scaling or a more advanced cleaning as in gum diseases.

In standard scaling, your dentist removes residues, plaque, and calculus from between your teeth and from your gum line. Then it polishes each tooth with a special paste to make it shine. Finally, if necessary, he or she will floss some of your spaces between your teeth and give you advice and suggestions about flossing and brushing.

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Is Teeth Cleaning Harmful?

Let’s answer the rumors circulating among the people that “it is harmful to clean the teeth stones”. When bacterial plaque accumulates on the teeth and is not cleaned, it hardens and turns into stone. It is not possible for a hardened structure consisting of bacterial plaque to be beneficial. Tooth calculus is the main cause of all gum diseases.

One of the important factors in the formation of dental calculus is saliva. Depending on the structure of the saliva, tartar may occur more. However, as long as there is no food residue and bacterial plaque in the environment, no matter what the saliva structure is, tartar cannot form.

Tartar can only be cleaned by a dentist, but you can prevent tartar formation by brushing your teeth regularly. Although the repetition period of tooth cleaning can be applied at more frequent intervals, the most ideal interval is once every 6 months.